Visa Process
After your admission has been studied by the admission team and you fulfill all the entry requirements, you will be issued a “CAS” which you can use for your visa application.

Although you should always contact the UK Border Agency regarding your visa status, at the Innovate Learning Centre, we can provide some general information for your reference.

As an international student, you will require a Tier 4 student visa to study in this country. This area is very complicated and if you have any specific enquiries you should look at the UKBA website or contact the Agency directly.

The United Kingdom used a Points Based System (PBS) for visas and immigration. As an international student, your visa will always be Tier 4. To study in the UK, you must have a Tier 4 Sponsor who appears on the Sponsor Register. The Innovate Learning Centre is an A Rated (Trusted) sponsor. Click here to look at the UKBA website.

Frequently Asked Questions on visas (FAQs)
1. How do I apply for a visa outside of the UK?
2. How do I apply for a visa in the UK?
3. What is a CAS and how can I get one?
4. When will I receive my CAS?
5. Can I still get a visa letter?
6. What money do I need to show?
7. What if I want to transfer to the Innovate Learning Centre?
8. What should I do if I have a problem with my visa?
9. Suggested links for students

How do I apply for a visa outside of the UK?
After we have confirmed your admission (in the form of an unconditional letter and a CAS number) at the Innovate Learning Centre, if you are located overseas, you should make an application at your local British embassy or high commission. Application forms and information about how to complete them are available at UKVisas.

How do I apply for a visa in the UK?
If you are an international student applying for a visa inside the UK, you should go to the UK Border Agency website in order to obtain the relevant application form and information.

What is a CAS and how can I get one?
The CAS Letter shows your reference code from the UKBA and lists the documents used by the college to assess your application. You must ensure that the original documents are submitted to the embassy or high commission overseas, or the UKBA in the UK along with the CAS code. Do not submit photocopies of the documents listed on the CAS Letter as your visa application will be refused.

When will I receive my CAS?
You will be issued with the CAS Letter once we are satisfied that you have supplied us with all required documents, and we have made an unconditional offer. If you have failed to give us a document, we will not issue a CAS until we have received the original document. You must also pay a deposit/course fees before we issue a CAS.

Can I still get a visa letter?
No. Visa letters became obsolete on the 22nd of February 2010 and will no longer be accepted.

What money do I need to show?
Generally, if you are overseas, you must be able to prove you have enough money to cover Maintenance funds and Tuition fees for the duration of your course and can be proven at time of entry clearance by the following documents:
  • A bank statement or a letter from your bank showing the full amount in one bank account held in your name
  • Several bank statements in your name or letters from the bank showing that you can cover the full amount when combining the several accounts in your name;
  • Your evidence must be dated no more than one month before the date you make your immigration application.
  • If you are producing a letter from a bank or financial institution, remember that the letter must confirm you have had the right amount for the 28 days leading up to the date on the letter.
  • If you have any questions or doubts about this rule, please refer to UKBA website by clicking here
You need to have enough money for your tuition fees as well as money for living costs (maintenance). Failure to provide evidence of funds will result in your visa application being refused. Please refer to the following page on the UKBA website

If you are already in the UK, or have finished a course in the last FOUR months that lasted more than SIX months, you should refer by cliking here and reading the information on ‘established presence’ since you may qualify for reduced maintenance. Please read this information carefully as failure to supply the correct information at the time of your application will result in your application being refused.

What if I want to transfer to the Innovate Learning Centre?
You are welcome to transfer to our college, but we need to find out a few things from you before we can make a decision. Generally, it will depend on when your visa was issued. More information can be found by clicking here and clicking on ‘If you want to switch to a different education provider’. This is a very complicated area and you must ensure that you follow the rules.

What should I do if I have a problem with my visa?
You must inform us of any problems regarding your visa application. If you have been refused, then you need to get advice from a registered immigration adviser or lawyer. You can find one by clicking here

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