Application Process
The Centre will maintain suitable arrangements to ensure that applications for admission are handled fairly and efficiently and completed within a maximum of two months of receipt of the completed application form.
  • Making available ILC application forms and supporting information to prospective applicants through a variety of sources, including direct approach to the Centre, open days and careers conventions
  • Issuing an acknowledgement of an application within ten working days
  • Issuing full details of time, date, structure and format of the interview to which the applicant is invited
  • Interviewing further education applicants normally within four working weeks of receipt of the completed application form
  • During the interview process, offering the applicants the opportunity to look around the ILC campus and view the facilities available
  • Providing the applicant with opportunities to discuss with the tutor requirements of the programme before making a decision
  • Informing applicants of the outcome of the interview within ten working days
  • Offering overseas applicants additional help, when required, to overcome any personal, linguistic or cultural difficulties they may encounter

Information Sources
The Centre will ensure all students will be given, either prior to, or on entry, information relating to the Centre.

  • Pre-entry course and career guidance
  • Joining Instructions, which contain the Centre and Academic Regulations
  • The Learning Agreement between the Centre and the Student
  • The ILC Handbook, which contains course specific information; the Centre Academic Regulations, Centre Services, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, Disability statements and other important matters